From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Babies, Visualsittersit‧ter /ˈsɪtə $ -ər/ noun [countable]    1 especially American EnglishDHBLOOK AFTER somebody a babysitter2 AVsomeone who sits or stands while someone else paints them or takes photographs of them SYN modelExamples from the CorpussitterA microchip in a couch will sense the presence of a sitter and turn the heat up in the room.A sitter will help a patient to the bathroom, and deliver a meal.We talked a lot about art - he couldn't have been a better sitter.They are also quite intimidating, as they confront sitters with three-foot icons in their own image.It wasn't a case of missing sitters and throwing away chances more of being so near and yet so far.I have no interest in the psychological interpretation of my sitters, I want to convey their physical appearance.The growing use of sitters reflects the turmoil in health care during the 1990s.The conventional format and heroic pose of the sitter are perfectly offset by the incongruity of the costume and title.

English - Chinese (S)

n. 就座者; 孵卵的鸡; 当模特儿的人; 保姆

English - Chinese (T)

n. 就座者; 孵卵的雞; 當模特兒的人; 保姆


[sit·ter || 'sɪtə(r)]
person or thing that sits; bird that sits on eggs in order to hatch them; babysitter, one who supervises children while their parents are away; model, one who poses for an artist; easy task

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(n.) see also

bedsitter; sit; sitting duck