From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Finance, Measurementgrossgross1 /ɡrəʊs $ ɡroʊs/ ●●○ S3 adjective    1 total [only before noun] a) BFTOTALa gross sum of money is the total amount before any tax or costs have been taken awaynet  a gross profit of $5 milliongross income/salary/pay etc  a family with gross earnings of just £75 per week b) TMTOTALa gross weight is the total weight of something, including its wrappingsee thesaurus at profit2 very bad [only before noun]BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONS clearly wrong and unacceptablegross negligence/misconduct etc  soldiers accused of gross violations of human rights  The company described reports of environmental disaster as gross exaggeration.gross indecency (=the crime of doing something that is sexually offensive) 3 nasty spokenDISGUSTING very unpleasant to look at or think about SYN disgusting  Ooh, gross! I hate spinach!4 fatFAT informal extremely fat and unattractivegrossly adverb [+adj/adverb]  Lambert was grossly overweight.  Medical records were found to be grossly inadequate.grossness noun [uncountable]Examples from the CorpusgrossObviously you get more used to it the more often you do it, but it's still pretty gross.Brad threw up on the floor at the party. It was really gross.My gross annual income, before tax, is just over £18,000.Dini said inflation was kept to a moderate pace during the year, even as gross domestic product rose 3 percent.The company's gross earnings were up $12 million over last year.a gross income of $150,000The expected gross initial yield is 6.5%.By contrast, the gross margin on an alternative remedy is typically 30 percent, Toth said.In the mid-1970s, public spending peaked at over 49 percent of our gross national product.Ooh, gross! The dog just threw up on the carpet!That factory turned out to be a short-lived exercise and a gross waste of Government money.The gross weight of the package is 10 kilos, including the packaging. gross income/salary/pay etcCompanies putting up factories at Subic can import goods for free and pay only a 5 percent tax on gross income.The November 1988 white paper on the loan scheme proposed a move to gross income.Thus, in the top tenth of pensioner income groups, social security contributes only a quarter of gross income.So the recent fall in house-moving business would have cut gross income by about a fifth and net income by much more.If adjusted gross income is high enough, large amounts of business expense deductions will be lost under this 2 percent formula.The full deduction would be available for couples filing jointly with adjusted gross incomes of up to $ 100,000.In both cases your gross pay will be as normal, unless you have exhausted the full sickness allowance.Conversely, he knows that a drop in gross income will de-motivate.gross indecencyAnd today, police confirmed the Bishop had been formally cautioned for an act of gross indecency.The Court of Appeal allowed the appellant's appeal against conviction of committing an act of gross indecency.They were bailed to appear before Liverpool magistrates next month, when they will face charges of gross indecency.He was prosecuted, convicted of gross indecency and given a two-year conditional discharge in November 1996.This act of gross indecency provoked stern disapproval from the tour guide.The appellant, Norman Mattison, was charged with committing an act of gross indecency with his co-defendant.After retiring the jury returned with a notice asking whether the co-defendant was charged with gross indecency with the appellant only.The co-defendant pleaded guilty to a charge of committing an act of gross indecency with the appellant. grossgross2 adverb     earn £20,000/$30,000 etc gross Examples from the CorpusgrossShe earns about $100,000 a year gross.grossgross3 verb [transitive]    TOTALto gain an amount as a total profit, or earn it as a total amount, before tax has been taken awaynet  The movie has already grossed over $10 million. gross somebody ↔ out→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusgrossThree years later, he had acquired a chain of theaters that grossed $ 10,000 a week.The theater currently grosses $ 14 million a year, $ 900,000 of which goes to the city.If it grossed 40 with video and everything, then they'd have made a good profit.Jack grosses $58,000 a year, but he has to pay taxes and health insurance out of that.The animated film "Jungle Book" grossed $7.7 million.Hoffert said the business grossed about $ 285,000 last year, and will do better in 2000.He was trying to gross me out.Walmax, a California superstore, grosses more than eight million dollars annually.If you gross over $100,000, you should consult a good tax accountant.With the associated tax break, the promised returns could gross up into handsome rewards.If you found the opening pitch a bit over the top, the follow-up would gross you out completely. Related topics: Numbersgrossgross4 noun (plural gross) [countable]    HMNa quantity of 144 thingsgross of  two gross of candles Examples from the CorpusgrossCats has made a gross of over $460 million in the United States alone.May you now dance in the streets and support a gross of towns!a gross of pencilsTwo years ago, an average gross margin might have been £200 / acre, he points out.Sums of less than £25,000 earn 5.7 per cent gross, while sums of more than £25,000 earn 5.95 per cent gross.The average Kirby factory distributor grosses more than $ 1 million a year, he says, and many gross even more.Keno accounted for 16 percent of its gross, or $ 421 million gross sales the past fiscal year.I just thought, you know, how much gross are they going to get?The Economics Ministry said today gross domestic product probably shrank in the fourth quarter of 1995.The government will release a preliminary estimate of full-year gross domestic product tomorrow. From Longman Business Dictionarygrossgross1 /grəʊsgroʊs/ adjective [only before a noun]1ACCOUNTINGa gross amount of money is the total amount before any costs or taxes have been taken awayMortgage payments often account for up to 30% of people’s gross earnings.Last year, their travel and tourism business generated upwards of $400 million in gross revenues. compare net12a gross weight is the total weight of something, including the container or wrapping and the contentsCoaches with a gross weight of less than 3.5 tons must be fitted with seat belts that comply with EU regulations. 3gross behaviour is seriously wrong and unacceptableThe inquiry uncovered gross mismanagement at the Department. grossgross2 noun (plural gross)1[singular]COMMERCE the amount paid by people to go and see a film in a particular period of timeSYNGROSS RECEIPTSDuring its first weekend, the film had a box office gross of $95 million.2[singular]ACCOUNTING the amount earned by a person or a business before costs and taxes are taken awayWhile album sales once accounted for only a tiny share of his revenue, they now account for the majority of his annual gross of about $100,000.3[countable] a quantity of 144 thingsa cardboard box containing two gross of packets of Maltesersgrossgross3 verb [transitive]1especially American EnglishCOMMERCE if a film grosses a particular amount, people pay that total amount of money to see itThe film grossed $18.5 million in its opening weekend.2especially American EnglishACCOUNTING if a person or business grosses a particular amount, they earn that total amount of money before costs and tax have been taken awayHe has never grossed over $50,000 dollars a year. gross something → up→ See Verb tablegrossgross4 adverb ACCOUNTINGFINANCETAXif a person, business, or investment earns a particular amount gross, they earn that amount before tax has been taken awayLeading shares now earn just 6% gross and pay dividends of 4% after tax.Origin gross1 (1300-1400) Old French gros big, thick, from Latin grossus

English - Chinese (S)

n. 总数, 总量

English - Chinese (T)

n. 總數, 總量

English to Chinese (S) and Synonyms

adjective - gross
: gross, rude, careless, rash
过胖的: adipose, chub, chubby, corpulent, gross, heavy
重大的: considerable, gross
noun - gross
合计: total, aggregate, sum, whole, summation, gross
verb - gross
总共赚得: gross

English to Chinese (T) and Synonyms

pan>: cat, pussy, puss, pussycat, moggy, grimalkin
惡毒的老婦: grimalkinnoun - grime
煤塵: smut, grime
verb - grime
煤塵: smut, grimeverb - grime
煤塵: smut, grimeverb - grime
煤塵: smut, grime


inclusive, complete, total; general; without deductions


Past: grossed

Participle: grossed

Progressive: grossing

Present: grosses


Comparative: grosser


Noun: grosser


Plural: grosses

Plural: gross


Derivative: grossly

Derivative: grossness

He is gross, man!



gross income, gross error,


(adj.) synonyms

coarse; unrefined; vulgar; crude

(adj.) synonyms

obese; fat; massive; big; clumsy; bulky

(adj.) synonyms

bad; terrible; stupid

(adj.) synonyms

total; entire; whole

(adj.) synonyms

thick; dense


(adj.) antonyms

net; little; tiny; small