From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishchivalrouschiv‧al‧rous /ˈʃɪvəlrəs/ adjective    POLITEa man who is chivalrous behaves in a polite, kind, generous, and honourable way, especially towards womenchivalrously adverbExamples from the CorpuschivalrousHe was generous, courteous and chivalrous.Her knight would be gentle, kind and chivalrous.She was also flushed and evidently in a state of unrest, which made him feel chivalrous and sympathetic.Had a wonderful time, thanks to a generous, patient and chivalrous companion.But he had ridden up on a valiant steed with all the trappings of chivalrous knighthood.Small wonder if their son grew up with a taste for chivalrous pursuits, warlike deeds and sometimes foolhardy enterprise.Only Richard Burton, her first lover, seems like the chivalrous romantic ideal.The chivalrous Southerners had struck a bonanza..

English - Chinese (S)

adj. 有武士风度的; 侠义的

English - Chinese (T)

adj. 有武士風度的; 俠義的

English to Chinese (S) and Synonyms

adjective - chivalrous
: righteous, just, upright, artificial, adopted, chivalrous
骑士的: chivalric, chivalrous

English to Chinese (T) and Synonyms

��漫女子: chippyverb - chip
: cut, slice, chip, be close to, correspond
: cut, reduce, pare, chip, cho

URX ZHEN Chinese - English dictionary

[háo] brave; chivalrous; grand; heroic

[xiá] chivalrous person; heroic; knight-errant



[chiv·al·rous || 'ʃɪvlrəs]
gentlemanly, considerate, gallant, loyal, courageous


Noun: chivalrousness


Derivative: chivalrously



(adj.) synonyms

knightly; courteous; gallant; polite; noble