From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Sportcheercheer1 /tʃɪə $ tʃɪr/ ●●○ noun    1 [countable]PRAISE a shout of happiness, praise, approval, or encouragement OPP boo  A great cheer went up from the crowd.  So let’s give a cheer to the kids who passed their exams.  The final whistle was greeted with triumphant cheers from players and spectators.2 three cheers for sb!3 [uncountable]HAPPY formal a feeling of happiness and confidence  ‘Hello, ’ said Auguste cheerily. His good cheer was not returned.  Christmas cheer 4 [countable]DS a special chant (=phrase that is repeated) that the crowds at a US sports game shout in order to encourage their team to win cheersExamples from the CorpuscheerThe men stiffened up to the color line, charged forward with a cheer, and drove back the enemy.Nabers asks the seniors to come up with a cheer to break the huddle.Each remark is greeted by laughter and cheers and applause.Let's all give a big cheer for the newly married couple! Hip, hip, hooray!Probably the biggest cheer of the evening was for General Powell.The rise in U.S. exports is certain to bring cheer to manufacturers.A deafening cheer rose from the crowd as the band walked onto the stage.Uncle Hamish was already rising from his seat, looking positively twinkly with health and good cheer.A great cheer went up when the first goal was scored.An ironic cheer arose from the crowd round the bar.A startled cheer erupted from the crowd.The cheer, "Go Lions Go!" could be heard for over half a mile.The cheering went on for ages as the victorious athletes ran around the track.Then they raised their hands in the air and gave three cheers.Three cheers for the next Governor of Nebraska!The audience filled the theater with cheers.We ate them with cheer in the grace of confinement. cheer went upAs they neared James River and caught sight of our gunboats, a cheer went up from each regiment.A cheer went up as Joe was lifted on a stretcher and carried from the van into the house.A cheer went up from 1,000 throats, greeting the floating city as it towered above Clydebank Town Hall.A cheer went up from the Democratic side when the amendment was voted down.A cheer went up from the worshippers, who donned masks of animal heads.I hit the ball well and a very loud cheer went up.When he reached the top, a thunderous cheer went up.A wild cheer went up from the people standing on the other side of the street.good cheerProceed with caution and good cheer, all Libras.The handsome, smiling face exuded confidence and good cheer.Uncle Hamish was already rising from his seat, looking positively twinkly with health and good cheer.And despite their efforts at good cheer, the atmosphere in the dang now was somber.The men had gone to bed in a rare mood of good cheer but were abruptly awakened in the early morning hours.All that semblance of seasonal good cheer.On both their parts, it seems, the good cheer was a facade for the benefit of the other.A bundle of black walked toward her, round, bobbing, and bubbling with good cheer. cheercheer2 ●●○ verb    1 [intransitive, transitive]PRAISE to shout as a way of showing happiness, praise, approval, or support of someone or something  Everybody cheered when the firemen arrived.  The audience was shouting and cheering.  The spectators cheered him wildly.see thesaurus at shout 2 [transitive]HOPE to make someone feel more hopeful when they are worried  By late afternoon there came news that cheered them all.  Government policy towards higher education contains little to cheer university students.cheering adjective  cheering news cheer somebody ↔ on cheer up→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpuscheerAt the end, the whole audience stood up clapping and cheering.It's the seventh defeat for Gloucestershire in eight limited over matches, nothing to cheer about.Hundreds of area students cheered and screamed as the president appeared on the outdoor stage.Although he arrived around midnight, the streets were lined with thousands who cheered and waved as his limousine sped by.Kay McGovern rose to his feet, cheering appreciatively when the performance ended.Fans began to cheer as the teams entered the stadium.They identified your ten ships right away and cheered back.Investors were cheered by news of the merger.I saw the way the crowd cheered for him, and I thought, "I want to be like that!"The speaker was cheered loudly when he called for a total ban on nuclear weapons.He claimed he needed to cheer on his son in a local boxing tournament.Thousands of people lined Broadway to cheer the Yankees and celebrate their World Series triumph.All the mums and dads come to cheer their kids on.The audience were now on their feet, cheering wildly.But Norman Lamont can not cheer yet.CheerCheer trademark    a type of detergent for washing clothes, sold in the USOrigin cheer1 (1200-1300) Old French chere (expression on) the face, perhaps from Late Latin cara, from Greek kara head

English - Chinese (S)

n. 愉快, 欢呼, 激励

English - Chinese (T)

n. 愉快, 歡呼, 激勵

English to Chinese (S) and Synonyms

noun - cheer
欢呼: cheer, acclaim, acclamation, jubilation, jubilance, jubilancy
愉快: cheer, treat
喝采: cheer, acclaim, acclamation, plaudit
verb - cheer
打起精神: cheer
叫好: applaud, cheer
鼓舞: inspire, invigorate, cheer, stimulate, animate, reanimate
: award, cheer, grace, perfuse
: assist, help, back, cheer, defer, give a hand
鼓掌欢迎: acclaim, applaud, approve, cheer, clap

English to Chinese (T) and Synonyms

ck in, report for dutynoun - checking
檢查: inspection, examination, checking
託運: checkingnoun - checking account
盤帳: checking account
支票帳戶: checking accountnoun - checkmate
圍攻: checkmate
將死: checkmate
verb - checkmate
阻止: prevent, stop, block, deter, impede, checkmate
將死: checkmatenoun - checkmate

URX ZHEN Chinese - English dictionary

叫好 [jiào hǎo] applaud; cheer

喝采 [hè cǎi] acclaim; cheer

加油 [jiā yóu] to cheer sb. on; to make an extra effort

欢呼 [huān hū] acclaim; cheer for



shout, cry; happiness, joy


Past: cheered

Participle: cheered

Progressive: cheering

Present: cheers


Noun: cheerer


Plural: cheers

I cheered myself up by listening to music.


There was a lot of excitement in the stands as the fans cheered for their teams.



cheer up, cheer for,

Cụm từ

  • cheer on
    • encourage with cheers or shouts
  • cheer up
    • become happier; adopt a happier manner


(n.) synonyms

hope; gladness; happiness

(vt.) synonyms

gladden; comfort; praise


(n.) antonyms

gloom; melancholy