From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbawlbawl /bɔːl $ bɒːl/ verb    1 [intransitive, transitive] (also bawl out)SHOUT to shout in a loud voice SYN yell  ‘Tickets, please!’ bawled the conductor.see thesaurus at shout2 [intransitive]CRY to cry loudly SYN scream  They could hear a baby bawling somewhere. bawl somebody ↔ out→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusbawlI couldn't help it, I just started bawling.The baby was sitting in his high chair, red in the face and bawling.That couple next door are always shouting and bawling at each other."Stop that thief!" he bawled at the top of his voice.I dribbled, I wet my pants, even banged my head on the furniture, and bawled ... bawled almost nonstop."Stop, bawling, " Dad said crossly, "and come over here."Jess, though, is openly bawling even before the announcer calls her name.The roped calf was up instantly, bawling hoarsely, shaking his head.It was to the point where I was crying, I was bawling hysterically.He became one of the more notorious tramps of the city, begging and bawling on every street corner.One of the prison guards was bawling orders across the yard.The captain stood at the front, bawling orders.If you didn't, you were bawled out, and that took an awful lot of getting used to.It bawled whenever I got near it so Dad said I'd better keep out of the way.Origin bawl (1400-1500) Probably from a Scandinavian language

English - Chinese (S)

v. 大喊, 大叫; 放声痛哭; 大声叫出; 叫卖

English - Chinese (T)

v. 大喊, 大叫; 放聲痛哭; 大聲叫出; 叫賣

English to Chinese (S) and Synonyms

noun - bawl
: bawl
: bawl
: howl, bawl
verb - bawl
: bawl, yell, howl
: howl, roar, bawl, bark
: howl, wail, bawl

English to Chinese (T) and Synonyms

ment, targetverb - battle
戰鬥: battle, fight
開戰: battle, start a war
: fight, struggle, battle, contest, denounce, tussle
noun - battle
: war, battle, fight

URX ZHEN Chinese - English dictionary

[yāo] bawl; cry out; shout; yell

[háo] bark; bawl; call out; howl; roar; to bark; wail; yelp

[háo] bawl; cry loudly; howl; scream; yell

[chì, shè, yè] bawl out; scold; shout at; to hoot at; to scold



cry out; cry; yell; scold


Past: bawled

Participle: bawled

Progressive: bawling

Present: bawls


Noun: bawler


Plural: bawls


bawl someone out,

Cụm từ


(vi.) synonyms

howl; sob; shout; weep; wail; cry