From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishreimbursere‧im‧burse /ˌriːəmˈbɜːs $ -ɜːrs/ verb [transitive]    formalPAY FOR to pay money back to someone when their money has been spent or lostreimburse somebody for something  The company will reimburse you for travel expenses.reimbursement noun [countable, uncountable]→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusreimburseWhen he returned to London it would take months of arguing with some scrupulous clerk of the Exchequer to get it reimbursed.We pay for any repairs that need doing to the house, and are reimbursed by the landlord.Patients are reimbursed for 85% of the schedule fee for each item of general practitioner service and for specialist consultations outside hospitals.The mark-up should be fair and reasonable, the speculator being reimbursed for both time and enterprise.He wouldn't let me reimburse him for the cost of his journey.Dively said he will be reimbursed the $ 2,400 it will cost to train each worker in his 13-week program.They must also reimburse the company for any widening and road improvement carried out.The firm then reimbursed the fund for the $ 200,000 it had received from the fund for legal costs.Wilson tried, with little success, to get the federal government to reimburse the state for providing services to undocumented immigrants.Stores accepting food stamps are reimbursed with money by the government.Pay for the hotel room when you leave, and the company will reimburse you later.reimburse somebody for somethingWorkers will not be reimbursed for any travel expenses.From Longman Business Dictionaryreimbursere‧im‧burse /ˌriːɪmˈbɜːs-ɜːrs/ verb [transitive] formalFINANCE to pay money back to someone that they have spent because of their workWill your employer reimburse you?Any expenses will be reimbursed.reimburse somebody for somethingWe will reimburse you for any expenses incurred.reimbursement noun [countable, uncountable]the reimbursement of expenses→ See Verb tableOrigin reimburse (1600-1700) imburse to pay ((16-19 centuries)), from Old French borser to get money

Anh - Việt đầy đủ

ngoại động từ
hoàn lại, trả lại, bồi hoàn (số tiền đã tiêu..)
I was reimbursed in full
tôi đã được trả lại tiền đầy đủ

Anh - Việt tóm tắt

verb - reimburse
hoàn lại: return, reimburse, repay, render, restore
trả lại: return, repay, give back, render, restore, reimburse

Anh - Anh

[re·im·burse || ‚rɪːɪm'bɜrs /-'bɜːs]
repay, refund; compensate for a loss, repay for an expense


Past: reimbursed

Participle: reimbursed

Progressive: reimbursing

Present: reimburses


Adjective: reimbursable

Noun: reimbursement


Derivative: reimbursable

Derivative: reimbursement



(vt.) synonyms

replace; tender


(v.) hypernyms

compensate; pay

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