From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Odours, Religionfrankincensefrank‧in‧cense /ˈfræŋkənsens/ noun [uncountable]    CORRa substance that is burnt to give a sweet smell, especially at religious ceremoniesExamples from the CorpusfrankincenseThe poem is deliberately unconventional: no mention of gold, frankincense, and myrrh.On another level, frankincense, the most commonly used incense in churches, has the ability to deepen the breathing.For her massage, she chose a blend of frankincense, rose and cedarwood.For meditation, yoga or for a philosophical discussion, try a blend of frankincense, myrrh and cedarwood.The smell of frankincense wafted over us as it had at the monasteries.As he smelled the smouldering frankincense, he would imagine his own body inflamed and his soul soaring from it like smoke.The question then became how the frankincense got to the Middle East.Woods and resins are a good match too: frankincense with cedarwood is a classic.Origin frankincense (1300-1400) → FRANK1 pure, free + incense

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danh từ
hương trầm (của Châu phi, chế bằng nhựa một cây họ trám)

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noun - frankincense
nhựa có mùi hương: frankincense

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[frank·in·cense || 'fræŋkɪnsens]
sweet smelling resin from a variety of African and Asian trees that was formerly used in religious rites and in embalming


(n.) synonyms

thus; balsam of Gilead; olibanum; mastix; balm of Gilead

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