From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenviableen‧vi‧a‧ble /ˈenviəbəl/ adjective    JEALOUSan enviable quality, position, or possession is good and other people would like to have it  Now he was in the enviable position of not having to work for a living.enviably adverbExamples from the CorpusenviableThe evaluators' initial impression was of a school with a fairly traditional outlook but one in which facilities were enviable.His was not an enviable duty.And to die in one's sleep without distress to oneself or inconvenience to others is an enviable end.As the whole, the society is in enviable financial shape.Burns is now in the enviable position of being able to make any film he wants.Many believe he is in an enviable position of having to choose between the city giants.We maintain an enviable record against schools five and 10 times our size.Toyota has an enviable reputation for bulletproof cars, a reputation that could have been built on Camry alone.On the face of it, there was an enviable simplicity about Armstrong's own view.

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حسد انگيز- قابل رشک- مرغوب- محسود- دل پسند

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a. pasañdiidah/qaabil e raSHk

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Eng: enviable
Urdu: قابل رشک قابل رشک ۔ رشک انگیز ۔ نہایت پسندیدہ ۔ کینہ ور . حاسد

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حسد انگيز, قابل رشک, مرغوب, محسود, دل پسند


[en·vi·a·ble || 'envɪəbl]
arousing jealousy, causing envy; excellent, worthy of envy


Derivative: enviably

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(adj.) synonyms

covetable; good; pleasing; mouth-watering; appetizing; fine

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