From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Mailcorrespondcor‧re‧spond /ˌkɒrəˈspɒnd $ ˌkɔːrəˈspɑːnd, ˌkɑː-/ ●○○ AWL verb [intransitive]    1 SAMEif two things or ideas correspond, the parts or information in one relate to the parts or information in the other  The two halves of the document did not correspond.correspond with/to  The numbers correspond to points on the map.2 SAMEto be very similar to or the same as something elsecorrespond to  The French ‘baccalauréate’ exam roughly corresponds to English A levels.correspond closely/exactly/precisely to something  The description of these events corresponds closely to other accounts written at the time. 3 TCMWRITEto write letters to someone and receive letters from them  For the next three years they corresponded regularly.correspond with  She stopped corresponding with him after the death of her mother.→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpuscorrespondShe said the news clippings she sent to friends were a perfectly reasonable way to correspond.The dates quoted in these two documents do not correspond.If all this language is in the left side of the brain, what are corresponding areas of the right brain doing?Each section is contributed by a different expert in the corresponding field.Flaubert and Sand corresponded for many years.They represent the thought experiment of choosing a level of gross output and finding the corresponding scale and diversity.An assembler instruction will correspond to a frequently performed operation and represents many machine code instructions.We know that it can only oscillate at frequencies which correspond to the fundamental note and its overtones.The central rod is known as the Sushumna and corresponds to the spinal column.They started to correspond two years ago.His own domestic situation did not correspond very closely to his ideal of a loving, equal partnership.And then there are cases which do not seem to correspond with any of the given meanings.I'm a 21-year old Kenyan student who wishes to correspond with students from Britain or the US.The witness's statements correspond with the available evidence. correspond with/toEach pair of lanes corresponds to digestion by the enzyme for 1 and 5 minutes.The red CypA molecule at the top of the diagram corresponds to molecule A in Fig. 2.In real-life evolution there is nothing that corresponds to steering towards some distant genetic target.The underlined amino acid corresponds to the change introduced into Jun-Core.It corresponds to the order in which they are described, otherwise the module header will not scan.In the example in Table 8. 1 the only person corresponding to this request is Duncan.correspond closely/exactly/precisely to somethingThis diversification has been shown to correspond closely to a simple exponential growth model.An ideal type is illustrative, but it does not necessarily correspond exactly to any real-world example.First, no country has a political economy that corresponds exactly to either the market economy or the command economy.I remember that he wrote that Michelangelo's drawing technique corresponded exactly to his Neoplatonism.Neither type corresponds precisely to that seen in vertebrate enamel, and the extreme variation in crystal orientation is puzzling.These differences correspond closely to the increased digestion of the upper teeth.The story presents a picture of the luckless, homeless skinhead which corresponds closely to the movement's own mythology about itself.Practical Transformers Another problem is that the output voltage of transformers seldom correspond exactly to the rated voltage.correspond withHe hasn't seen or corresponded with his children in six years.Origin correspond (1500-1600) French correspondre, from Medieval Latin, from Latin com- ( → COM-) + respondere ( → RESPOND)

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v. n.
1. suit ملنا - جُڑنا - جوڑ ہونا - جواب ہونا - برابر ہونا - يکساں ہونا - ٹھيک ہونا - بيٹھنا - لگنا
2. communicate خط و کتابت کرنا يا رکھنا - چٹھي پتري بھگتانا - مراسلت کرنا
We correspond with one another. ہم ايک دوسرے سے خط و کتابت رکھتے ہيں

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v.i. jawaab milna/mutaabiqat hona/KHat o kitaabat karna

English To Urdu Lughat

Eng: correspond
Urdu: مُشابہ ہونا ۔ مماثل ہونا ۔ مُتفق ہونا ۔ مطابق ہونا ۔ مطابقت کرنا ۔ جوڑا ہونا ۔ بَرابَر ہونا ۔ جوڑ ہونا . مشابہ ہونا . مطابق ہونا


[cor·re·spond || ‚kɒrɪ'spɒnd]
match; be parallel; exchange letters with another person


Past: corresponded

Participle: corresponded

Progressive: corresponding

Present: corresponds


Derivative: correspondingly

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(vi.) synonyms

agree; write; resemble; harmonize

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