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쟁의 [爭議] a dispute; a strife; a trouble; [파업] a strike; a walkout.ㆍ 노동 ~ a labor dispute.ㆍ 소작 ~ disputes between landowners and tenant farmers / tenant disputes.ㆍ ~를 일으키다 (일이) beget[cause] a dispute[strife] / (사람이) go on (a) strike / walk out.ㆍ ~를 조정하다 mediate[adjust] a dispute.ㆍ ~를 해결하다 settle a dispute[strike].ㆍ ~를 끝내다 stop a dispute / halt[call off] a strike.ㆍ ~ 중이다 be on strike[<美> a strike].ㆍ 회사와 종업원간에 ~가 일어났다 A dispute arose between the management and the employees.ㆍ ~는 원만히 해결되었다 The dispute was settled amicably.▷ 쟁의권 the right of strike.▷ 쟁의단 the strikers.▷ 쟁의 수단 dispute tactics.▷ 쟁의 위원 a dispute committee.▷ 쟁의점 the point at issue[in dispute].▷ 쟁의 참가자[불참가자] a participant[non-participant] in a dispute.▷ 쟁의 해결 settlement of a dispute.▷ 쟁의 행위 a direct action; [파업] a strike.ㆍ ~ 행위 금지 명령 a labor junction.

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[爭議] a dispute; conflicts; a controversy; a trouble

Korean - English

dispute, quarrel, disagreement, argument

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Korean Dic

쟁의(爭議)[―의/―이][명사] 1.[하다형 자동사]서로 자기의 의견을 주장하여 다툼, 또는 그 의론. 2.<노동 쟁의>의 준말.

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