Kor - Eng Dictionary

근친 [近親] a near[an immediate] relation; a near[close] relative; (kith and) kin; (관계) near relationship.ㆍ ~ 이외의 사람들 those outside the immediate family.ㆍ 그들은 ~ 간이다 They are near related[near each other in blood].ㆍ 그의 ~ 가운데는 유명한 작가가 있다 One of his near relative[relations] is a famous writer.▷ 근친 결혼 (a) consanguineous marriage.▷ 근친 상간 incest.근친 [覲親] a bride's visit to her parents; a bride's (first) call on her parents.ㆍ ~하다 pay[make / give] a visit to one's parents after one's marriage; call on[upon] one's parents.

Korean - English Dictionary

[勤親] a bride's (first) call at her maiden home; a bride's post-marital visit to her parents
[近親] a near [close] relative [relation]; an immediate relative; kin

Korean - English

near relative; bride's call at her maiden home; kin, relatives

Korean to English and Synonyms

noun - 근친
near relative: 근친
nearness: 가까움, 근친, 인색, 근사

Hanja (Korean Hanzi) Dic

覲親 近親

Korean Dic

근친(覲親)[명사][하다형 자동사]시집간 딸이 친정에 와서 친정 어버이를 뵘. 귀녕(歸寧).

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