From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Psychology, psychiatrypsychotherapypsy‧cho‧ther‧a‧py /ˌsaɪkəʊˈθerəpi $ -koʊ-/ noun [uncountable]    MPthe treatment of mental illness, for example depression, by talking to someone and discussing their problems rather than giving them drugspsychotherapist noun [countable]Examples from the CorpuspsychotherapyThese drugs can raise spirits enough to permit daily functioning and raise the motivation capacity for psychotherapy, too!The chapter concludes with some examples of how insights gained from psychotherapy can be useful in social work practice.These ideas from psychotherapy help our background understanding of emotional experiences in the later part of the life-cycle.In psychotherapy we began to discuss what Charles thought and felt about his life as a whole.The fundamental reason for this is a fact of ego-psychology which the individualistic fallacy and the therapeutic tunnel-vision of modern psychotherapy obscures.She was offered psychotherapy, but this proved ineffective and it was concluded that Jenny lacked insight into her problems.When possible, psychotherapy is done in a professional office.She leaves her studio two mornings a week to drive in to the office in Rockland where she sees psychotherapy patients.

English to Hindi with Synonyms

- psychotherapy
मनश्चिकित्सा: psychotherapy
मनोरोग चिकित्सा: psychotherapy


N 1.मनश्चिकित्सा psychotherapy is a good treatment for tension.


[psy·cho·ther·a·py || ‚saɪkəʊ'θerəpɪ]
psychological treatment of mental disorders; branch of psychiatry dealing with the use of psychological methods to treat mental disorders


Adjective: psychotherapeutic

Noun: psychotherapist


Plural: psychotherapies


Derivative: psychotherapeutic

Derivative: psychotherapist


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