From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Utensilscutlerycut‧le‧ry /ˈkʌtləri/ noun [uncountable] especially British English     Image of cutlery DFUknives, forks, and spoons that you use for eating and serving foodcrockery SYN silverware American EnglishExamples from the CorpuscutleryBone, plastic, wood or pearl-handled cutlery Exposure to very hot water can soften the glue holding the handle in place.His brief was to design an item of cutlery with and not for a disabled student.The pull-out cutlery drawer can be lifted out for easy unloading.Ensure that cutlery which has been cleaned using chemicals gets a thorough washing before going back into the dining room.They were gleaming in the lamplight, like the cutlery at some demonic supper party.She observed that I was the typical Americanthe third variant of eaters-who uses cutlery in what she called the most time-consuming manner.

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cutlery [ˈkatləri]
knives, forks and spoons.

चाकू छुरी इत्यादि

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noun - cutlery
कटलरी: cutlery
- cutlery
छुरी-कांटा आदि: cutlery


N 1.चाकू~छुरी~इत्यादि The chef set the table with cutleries

Shabdkosh English-Hindi Dictionary

१. चाकू, छुरी, इत्यादि, काटने का यंत्र,
२. चाकू, कैंची, आदि बनाने का काम

Shabdkosh English-Hindi Dictionary(2009) by Ranjeet Singh Rohilla (


['cut·ler·y || 'kʌtlərɪ]
silverware (knives, spoons, forks); cutting instruments (knives, etc.)


(n.) synonyms

tableware; silver

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