From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishwoowoo /wuː/ verb [transitive]    1 PERSUADEFRIENDto try to persuade someone to do something such as buy something from you, vote for you, or work for you – used in news reports  the Party’s efforts to woo working class voters2 old-fashionedMARRY to try to persuade a woman to love you and marry you SYN court→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpuswooBut Cassie was far too angry to be wooed.For a certain period Mr Sammler lad resisted such physical impressions-being wooed almost comically by momentary and fortuitous sweetness.When I woo her, as perhaps I mean to do, I shall be more than her equal.Bosses defied the law to woo last-minute Christmas shoppers from Oxford Street rivals.San Diego city librarians will not be the only suitors wooing the computer magnate.Upon taking office, Chavalit, a former army chief, wooed the military to try to shore up his political power.Microsoft apparently put little effort into wooing them.Origin woo Old English wogian

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vt., vi.
● خواستگاری کردن،اظهار عشق کردن،عشقبازی کردن
Ahmad wooed Parvin and married her
احمد به پروین اظهار عشق کرد و با او ازدواج کرد.
● جلب کردن،به‌دست آوردن،دنبال چیزی رفتن،منت کشیدن
to woo trouble
دنبال دردسر گشتن
a politician who tries to woo the public with flattery
سیاستمداری که می‌کوشد با چاپلوسی عامه را جلب کند

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verb - woo
خواستگاری کردن: woo, husband, match, suit
اظهار عشق کردن با: woo
عشقبازی کردن با: woo
جلب لطف کردن: woo

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اظ‌هار عشق‌ کردن‌ با، عشقبازی‌ کردن‌ با، خواستگاری‌

Farajbeik Farsi

اظ‌هار عشق‌ کردن‌ با، عشقبازی‌ کردن‌ با، خواستگاری‌کرد کردن‌، جلب‌ لط‌ف‌ کردن‌


court; run after; ask for, look for; bring upon oneself; persuade


Past: wooed

Participle: wooed

Progressive: wooing

Present: woos


Noun: wooer


Derivative: wooable

Derivative: wooer

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(vt.) synonyms

pursue; court

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