From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Cleaning, Earth sciencesscourscour /skaʊə $ skaʊr/ verb [transitive]    1 LOOK FORto search very carefully and thoroughly through an area, a document etcscour something for something  Her family began to scour the countryside for a suitable house.2 (also scour out)DHC to clean something very thoroughly by rubbing it with a rough material SYN scrub  Ada was scouring out the pans.3 (also scour out)HE to form a hole by continuous movement over a long period  Over the years, the stream had scoured out a round pool in the rock.→ See Verb tableExamples from the CorpusscourShe scours flea markets and will either repair her purchases or leave them, depending on the extent of the damage.I rotated the nails so that a cheese paring of wax was scoured from the surface of the drum.He caught a towel and, dragging his helmet off, scoured his face and his neck.Potato starch, rather than harmful chemicals, is being used for scouring in the finishing process.Last night Skegness lifeboat and a number of coastal rescue teams were scouring six miles of shoreline.In similar lessons in all sorts of schools, the students go on to scour textbooks and library books for more facts.Scour the bowl with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda.Developers are scouring the country for possible sites for these new superstores.That means either scouring the nation for a candidate of lesser renown, or hiring from within.He spent half an hour scouring the newspaper for any mention of the fire.I scoured the pots and pans.Rescue teams scoured the ruins for signs of more victims.Forensic scientists have scoured the scene but have not come up with any conclusive evidence.Origin scour 1. (1400-1500) Probably from a Scandinavian language. 2. (1100-1200) Probably from Middle Dutch schuren, from Old French escurer, from Late Latin excurare to clean off, from Latin cura care

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verb - scour
صیقلی کردن: scour, glass, sleek, sleeken, urbanize, varnish
جستجو کردن: search, seek, scour, look for, attempt, ransack
شستن: wash, launder, leach, scour, deterge, elute
زدودن: remove, eliminate, clear, wipe, sweep, scour
صابون زدن: lather, scour, soap
تطهیر کردن: exorcise, cleanse, exorcize, expurgate, lustrate, scour
پرداخت کردن: pay off, pay, buff, burnish, disburse, scour
تکاپو کردن: bustle, run about, scour

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پاک‌ کردن‌، شستن‌، صابون‌ زدن‌، صیقلی‌ کردن‌، تط‌هیر کردن‌،

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پاک‌ کردن‌، شستن‌، صابون‌ زدن‌، صیقلی‌ کردن‌، تط‌هیرک کردن‌، پرداخت‌ کردن‌، زدودن‌، تکاپوکردن‌، جستجو کردن‌


act of scrubbing; act of rubbing with an abrasive material; act of thoroughly searching an area; diarrhea (Veterinary Med.)


Past: scoured

Participle: scoured

Progressive: scouring

Present: scours


Noun: scourer


Plural: scours


Derivative: scourer

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(vt.) synonyms


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