From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishRelated topics: Linguisticslexislex‧is /ˈleksɪs/ noun [uncountable]    technicalSL all the words in a language SYN vocabularyExamples from the CorpuslexisThe distinction between grammar and lexis which we used in the last chapter cuts across this distinction between levels.The relationship between grammar and lexis Grammar, then, can be seen as a resource for the adaptation of lexis.But the composition of the lexis is not tackled.The lexis, in this respect, acts upon the grammar.But as I have shown, the function of grammar depends upon its being subservient to lexis.The general issue arising here concerns the way in which lexis and grammar act upon each other in the determination of meaning.In other words, lexis is put to the service of grammar.Origin lexis (1900-2000) Greek → LEXICON

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● واژگان (کلیه‌ی واژه‌های یک زبان یا یک رشته‌ی علمی و غیره)

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(n.) synonyms


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