Spanish - English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain)

(n.) = backhoe ; excavator ; digger ; mechanical digger.
Ex: The network itself is assumed to be unreliable; any portion of the network could disappear at any moment (pick your favorite catastrophe -- these days backhoes cutting cables are more of a threat than bombs).
Ex: This is the kind of excavator that is particularly suited to the work in a confined place.
Ex: Based on real events on the Australian goldfields in the 1850s, 'Three Diggers' chronicles the adventures of three gold prospectors.
Ex: The beach is a ruined landscape, eerily quiet, save for the hum of mechanical diggers searching for yet more corpses.
* excavadora hidráulica = hydraulic excavator.
* excavadora mecánica = excavator.

Spanish to English

feminine noun excavadora
digger, excavator; bulldozer


excavadora excavadora. 1. f. Máquina para excavar.

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