From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishDoomsdayDooms‧day /ˈduːmzdeɪ/ noun [uncountable]    1 till/until Doomsday2 RFthe last day of the Earth’s existence, when everything will be destroyed, according to some religionsdoomsday scenario (=a description of a very bad and hopeless situation)Examples from the CorpusDoomsdayIn 1987, I didn't have to concern myself about Doomsday scenarios as I was staying in Manchester.Of course, if you choose a male tree you can wait until Doomsday and still never see a berry.doomsday scenarioA year ago, few people were talking about such a doomsday scenario.One doomsday scenario: No Bonds, no stadium.Admittedly, there is now much less reason for invoking this doomsday scenario.

A Concise English - Arabic Dictionary

اسْم : يوم الحساب أو الدينونة

English - Arabic Dictionary

[dooms·day || 'duːmzdeɪ]
يوم الحساب, يوم الدينونة, يوم القيامة

English 2 Arabic Glossary

يوم الحساب او الدينونة

English to Arabic and Synonyms

noun - doomsday
يوم القيامة: doomsday, the crack of doom
يوم الحساب: Judgment Day, doomsday, Day of Judgment, Day of Doom
يوم الدينونة: doomsday


[dooms·day || 'duːmzdeɪ]
judgment day; end of the world


(adj.) synonyms

apocalypse; Armageddon

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